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Looking for truck

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I'm in the market for a diesel pickup truck to haul a 12K lbs three horse trailer. I don't expect to ever go over 12K lbs.

I'm pulling a 5K lbs two horse bumper pull with a 2002 F-150 5.4L truck now. Its pulling fine and the truck only has 128,000 miles but I want to haul the heavier trailer that my F150 cannot handle.

Looking at a F250 or F350 diesel and I'd rather save some money and buy used. I'm open to a Ram also but more familiar with Ford.

My question is diesel the right way to go or is the 6.2L good enough with the weight I will be towing? This vehicle will only be used for towing.

What rear end? I have a 3.55 Limited slip in my F150 now and the limited slip has saved me in the past.

My last question is am I buying a couple months to early? With the 2017 Aluminum bodies coming out do you think the 2015/2016 used truck values/prices drop in September/October?

Never owned a diesel before and I do all my own maintenance. I have a 6.8 V10 E350 RV and love the engine.
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I had the same decision to make last year. Went with a low mileage 2014 F350 diesel, traded a 07 F150 V8 gas. Have never looked back!
I run the 3.55 axle with FX4 options.
We are towing close to your weights once our toy hauler is loaded up.
Can't help you with the Aluminum body question. Maintenance is critical on the diesel. I do my own.
Have fun making the decision!
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