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looking to buy a van

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hello guys, i am about to buy a E-350 SD cargo van, and i'd like to know what years to avoid, either 1999-2001 with 7.3 liter or 2001-05?
What problems should i expect to find on these years, any recalls? any problems found in the engine compartment? suspenssion, body, chassis? anything will be helpful.
I need it for my window film business and it is require for me to travel long distances, carry extended ladders and/or scafold. Which of these two engines (7.3 or 6.0) are reliable on diesel? and looking to get a biodiesel kit in the future.
Any opinions I will really appriciate it.
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Don't know how old you want to go. I would stay away from the 6.0.
PM Bill (sixiron). He has a 98 for sale.

Edit for Bill's van is sold. But still have a chance. He has not been paid.

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