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I own the F-150 3.0L PSD 4WD. The only PSD-unique recall was on the EGR valve. The tech had never seen one before, messed the repair up a littlel bit so it had to go back right away. No other repairs or service issues in >41K miles. My brother-in-law owns a Colorado with the GM diesel. We met them in Glacier National Park last fall and spent three days driving in the park and backroads in the Ford, and now he wants to buy mine when I trade it in. He's not a car/truck enthusiast. but he and his wife are backwoods/outdoors/camping/kayaking/biking people, and the F-150 fits them better than the GM.

And I'm still getting 24mpg around town and 26-27 on the road. Highway speeds are higher here in Texas than they were in Washington :)
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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