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Loose door

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THe other day, the driver's side door just stopped working correctly.

It doesn't seem to latch securely and rattles really bad when driving. It doesn't seem to be shutting right.

I looked at the pin that it latches to and it is secure. I also inspected the locking mechanism but no issue is readily apparent.

anyone know how to adjust or repair this or is their a write up?
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Thanks Maryland. Will check those out. Don't think it is the stripping because it just happened all of the sudden. if itis the strike, i think I will check the other doors too because the rear passenger seems to be making a noise too..
"the captions" in what photo Steve?
Also, there is a plastic sleeve on the adjustable post (or strike) that can wear.

Kimber you hit it right on the head. There is a plastic sleeve that covers the pin that that lock grabs on the door. It had broken off and shattered allowing the door to move around about an 1/8th of an inch I'm guessing. Sounds terrible like the hinge is busted.

Anyway, for now I wrapped duct tape around the pin to keep the door from rattling around.

Anyone have a part # for the sleeve?
Thanks Steve!
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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