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Loose door

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THe other day, the driver's side door just stopped working correctly.

It doesn't seem to latch securely and rattles really bad when driving. It doesn't seem to be shutting right.

I looked at the pin that it latches to and it is secure. I also inspected the locking mechanism but no issue is readily apparent.

anyone know how to adjust or repair this or is their a write up?
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The captions in this photo album explain just about everything you need to know about these doors, including alignment after replacing a hinge, hinge pin, or strike bushing.
The album linked to the "this photo album" text in that post. Try adjusting your browser settings to underline &/or color link text. But here it is again:
1983 Ford Bronco Doors pictures, videos, and sounds |
It's all shown in that photo album.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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