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Thank you all in advance!
Friday last week I started my trip to havasu with the boat. The first on ramp I came up, I noticed a lose of power in the higher rpms. I didn't think too much of it until I climbed the next hill and my check engine light came on. I got a little worried and continued with my trip and about 30 miles later, the motor start to sound like an injector wasn't firing. Maybe even a few injectors. I pulled off the road and noticed there was very little power. I popped the hood, saw that there was no fuel pressure and coolant was empty. I limped the truck to the nearest gas station and once I got there it completely died. I tried cranking and no start.
About 15,000 ago I replaced the injectors and about 5,000 miles ago I converted to efuel.
Recently got my tunes from John Wood and this was my first test pulling with his tunes.
I drained the fuel filters from the water separators and tried turning the truck on and the fuel filters aren't filling up. I assume that solves the fuel pump issue but after only 5,000 miles is that possible? (BDP fuel system)
As far as the sound of some injectors not firing, could the fuel pump be the culprit to that sound due to a lack of fuel?
What about the coolant disappearing?

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The injectors have nothing to do with the fuel except they squirt it into the cylinders.

I would be checking the efuel setup along with the wiring going to the injectors. If there is a problem with the wiring the IDM will shut down the whole bank.
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