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my truck drives fine until i get over ~2500rpms then it sounds like the injectors are not running properly when this happens i lose almost all power. i can push the fuel peddle all the way down the truck runs even worst if i let the peddle up it runs better but i have to go so slow i just pull off the road and turn her off.when i start her back up she runs fine untill i get over the 2500rpms.
i took my truck to a shop and they replaced my number 1 injector they said that fixed the problem.when i drove the truck the problem was still there, but i could higher in the rpms before it started to do it again. i decided to try somebody else, then i found this place(thank heavens) i cleaned the fpr screen it had a 1/4" build up on it, the truck ran like when i first bought it. about 500 miles latter the problem is back!
96 4x4 psd 5spd, only up grade is [email protected] cold air intake buy the way i run biodiesel most of the time
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