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Rather peculiar issue. About 14 miles into a 17 mile trip my truck decided to not want to go. It was running fine previously, no missing or anything like that, but the power just......went away. I could press the accelerator and the engine accelerates, but anything past 1/4 pedals bogs the engine. If I depress the accelerator all the way eventually the boost pressure comes up (I can tell by ear) and off we go. Heck, maybe it's boost pressure and fuel. I had this problem once a year ago and I checked the vacuum lines to the Wastegate (seemed like the best or most obvious issue but they were fine) and let it sit for the day. Went home from work with no problems and it hasn't caused a problem since.....until today. No SES light. No recent changes to the engine. Oil pressure is good. Average temperature outside.

Any thoughts out there?
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