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Lots of blue smoke??

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I have a 1988 F250 7.3 IDI with ATS turbo and auto with gv overdrive. Last time I pulled a truck on a trailer up a hill and was in drive with 12PSI boost and EGT around 700. My engine temp was around 3/4 gauge before hot. Soon after it would start hard and when idling it would have a miss and some small amount of smoke. Then I couldn't get it started after sitting two weeks and had to jump it with my battery charger. I pulled a trailer for my brother a short distance with no trouble but when idling it would miss even more and smoke more. Then on my way home it really started to smoke blue like you had a gas engine with broken rings. When I let off the gas going down hill almost no smoke but when I get on the gas just a little bit it starts smoking like crazy agian! What is going on with the truck? What do I need to do to fix this? I have let it sit now for a couple months.

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Have you checked the coolant level.........

Do you know what the CDR valve is..........

We are talking tailpipe smoke right.......white is air in fuel, blue is usually oil, black is too much fuel. Do you use additives in the fuel....have you drained the fuel filter water drain recently or changed the filter.

Visit.... lots of good reading.....
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