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Low Comp Piston Part Number??

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Does anyone know the part number for the mahle low compression pistons. Im just starting to build my twin turbo 6.9 and am ordering everything within the week, and want to make sure i have the right part number. I told this part # to the people im getting my rebuild kit and they said no problem but i want to double check that these are the actual low compression pistons. The one i have is 144111HA, or 144111HAWR (with rings) theres also 144111 and 144111WR which the difference between the first part number i listed is that the first has a hard anodized crown where as the one without HA at the end doesnt. So can someone confirm this for me please?
Thanks in advance
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Thanks, do you know if Mahle is the company who makes the rods also?Kyle
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