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low/no oil pressure, no start

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Hey, I had this problem a while back, and somehow the engine started up and ran fine for a while, so I didn't think much of it, but now it's back.

couple weeks ago driving down highway, temp got about half way up on gauge and oil dropped off to nothing. pulled over, saw real thin oil so I put in a few quarts, but didn't help, turned out when it got to certain temp the oil pressure dropped off. So I cahnged the oil and serpentine belt (unrelated, it just squelled) and didn't start it that night, but next day went to crank and it hit for a couple seconds and died. This has happened before, but it usually started up after cranking a lil more.

there's no white smoke, it will kick with some ether but sounds crappy, and when I unplug the sensor on the driver valve cover same thing(I believe oil temp? I remember doing this before to check if bad sensor). the HPOP is low, and I can fill it but it drops off again. The tach is registering a little bit (maybe 100-150 rpms) when cranking, but it is turning over plenty strong

I'm thinking oil lift pump, but not sure, any thoughts?
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really? I thought the CPS either worked or it didn't.

And I put in Rotella T 15-40 when I changed the oil. the old stuff wasn't foamy, but I think I may have overfilled it a quart or two, the oil was real thin on the dipstick so it was hard to tell how much was in the system

And I think I'm overdue for some glowplugs, so I guess I'll get those and a cps
ok, so I had filled the HPOP reservoir up again today, sprayed it with ether, and pulled the ICP plug out. It took some hard cranks, but eventually got her to run on own power. It still sounds a little erratic, not too bad just by itself, but it's really noticeable when I'm idling next to another PSD.

Drove off a little, maybe 5 miles away, and temp went up, about 2/3 the way up the stock temp gauge, and oil pressure started dropping off. sometimes it would come back at idle, but aren't the injectors powered from the HPOP, which gets its oil from the oil lift pump? so if I had no oil pressure, shouldn't the motor shut off? It also starts knocking pretty loud when it was getting hot.

And I do have water in the radiator overflow, it was steaming out of the cap.

I've got a CPS and glow plugs in the mail, so we'll see how they help out with the starting. Also, one of my connectors for GP/injectors is a little busted, is that a Ford only part? anyone know where I might be able to locate one? tried junkyard, seems the PSD is the only engine they come on
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