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2001 Ford F-350 4x4 Auto CC LB 7.3 3.73 axles 4” exhaust
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I did look into the edge tuner for my 2001 24 valve Cummins many years ago. The fact that they wanted you to tap into the wiring harness is butchering the electrical system. Had they engineered a connector harness with gold plated contacts connectors I might have considered it. I don’t know what your configuration is. But be skeptical. My neighbor kid bought the 6.0 years ago a story from hell after the second one. Some wires got pinched up on the alternator side raised hell with the FICM. Lucky he didn’t burn it down. I am no fan of 6.0, but your problem is sounding similar. If that Edge tuner isn’t plug and play I would throw it in the trash. I was a electrical contact connector inspector for military parts a few years ago and have no respect for anything that isn’t Gold plated .
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