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Do any of you guys have any nice looking designs for a front bumper extension for under your front bumper to make it a legal height from ground to bottom of bumper?

I just got stopped this morning by a pesky Melvindale, Michigan Ticket Writer and all that he could get me for is the bottom of my front bumper being 37 inches from the ground when the law states that it shall be no greater distance on a truck of 7,400 - 10,000 pounds, not more than 30 inches from the ground to the bottom of the front bumper..

If you guys have any photos of nice extensions/adapters, please post them. I need some ideas.
I would like it to look nice/ original as possible so it doesn't make my truck look ugly... I would bolt it to the bottom of my current chrome 2014 front bumper and paint it the same color as my truck with some Imron 9000 paint.. ( And maybe put some air venting in it and maybe a set of lights also)
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