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LUK clutch installed today.

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About 8 hours working total (including instruction time for my son) plus tool runs and such. I got to spend some quality time with my 15 year old son as well. It is pretty cool to have a son who is MAN help instead of boy help (6'2, 185# but then Dad is 6'6 and 295 or so). I have been nursing my transmission for four years (pedal box has a little play, rebuild will be done soon). Anyone waiting or hesitating about a LUK (or similar) conversion one word of advice - go ahead and do it. Pedal effort is cut to less than half, engagement is a couple inches off the floor instead of 1/2" into the floor mat. My only problem now is I have no excuse for Lovely Wife not to drive the truck. She tried it out this evening (she is one of the best drivers of any gender I have ever met) and was impressed. First time in 100,000 miles anyone but me has driven the truck even an inch.

Nobody outside the family drives her still though. I am more than happy to lend a truck and a driver, just like I am more than happy to lend tools along with the mechanic.

Dave / Believer45
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If Your familiar with clutch installations at all a LUK into a manual trans PSD is no different.....the parts are bigger & HEAVIER. The OEM flywheel is something like 85# and the LUK is 55 or 60#. Rent a good transmission jack and have a helper around. Son & I did Mine about 3 yrs ago in a day including straight piping the exhaust. We kept the transmission & T-case together and supported the back of the engine with a 2X4 & bottle jack. We used my floor jack under the T-case, the transmission jack under the ZF.. We pulled the top cover with the shifter off the top of the ZF and just removed the T-case lever from the shift mechanism and left the lever in the shift boot. We installed a new master & slave cylinder & clutch fork at the same time. Took a while to bleed the system but wasn't a bad job. The LUK kit is complete with T/O bearing, pilot bearing, flywheel, clutch plate and all new bolts for pressure plate & flywheel and alignment tool. Even has grease for the input shaft and clutch fork. My rear main seal was dry as a bone so I didn't R&R the rear seal but it's a perfect time for the job if Yours has any signs of leakage.
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