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Manual Trans issue

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It has been a while since I've been on here but having two little kids will do that. Anyway, I was driving to work and needed to downshift to fourth and it would not go into gear. I had to come to an almost complete stop before I was able to get it in gear. Shifting up was ok at this point and I continued to work. Once I got to work I tried to back into my spot and it would not go into reverse. Later that day, I tried it again and with the engine running I could not get into any gear. I put it in gear then started the engine and I could take off but it would shake a lot. Any ideas? I am guessing my throwout bearing is shot. I have 215k miles and I have no idea when or if the clutch was ever changed.

Sorry so long but I wanted to put out as much info as I could remember. I am planning to order a LUK clutch kit with a flywheel and install it.

Thanks in advance.
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things to check

1) fluid level at the master cylinder

2) bushing at the clutch pedal/master cylinder rod

3) bent clutch fork (measure the distance at the housing)

If it happened all of a sudden I'd look at #1 and #2, as you could have a weak hydraulic system that is losing fluid (easy to replace, $230 from FORD) or a worn bushing at the clutch pedal ($15 from FORD or you can do the heim joint repair)
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