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I have a 95 350 7.3 2wd 4door long bed 5 speed with a 6 position chip that has factory setting and high idle(1000rpm).
My truck shudders/shakes BAD at idle, but the minute I raise the rpms to ANYTHING over idle,it's fine. It also does this at High idle setting with the chip. once again the minute I raise the rpms, it's fine.
If the chip/switch is set to stock settings, and I raise it to 1000 rpm, no shake/shudder, but if the switch is at high idle(1000 rpm) it shakes and shudders until i give it some gas(diesel).

I have been told by the dealer that my dual mast flywheel springs are bad. I find it stupid having to shell out $1700 to replace it with after market parts. I also think it's dumb spending $800 at the parts store for a new flywheel and clutch to get rid of the dual mast crap, when the springs are the only thing wrong with it.

I almost replaced my Vacuum pump for $100, but instead replaced the bearing that was shot and saved $97.( been working fine for 4 years now):thumbsup:

Why can't I just replace the worn out springs in my flywheel??? Does anyone know where to get them??

All that being said, why when I manually raise the rpms to 1000 it doesn't shake/shudder, but if it's set by the chip/switch to high idle(1000 rpm) it shakes and shudders????
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