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So it's starting to warm up in the Phoenix area and the car shows are coming to an end. I decided to do one last one before the season dries up. Maricopa is a smaller town of about 45,000 people approx 45 min south of Phoenix. In the back of my mind I figured it would be a lighter turn out, but Rockford Fosgate was the big sponsor. The beneficiary group was a girls softball team. What the heck.

Well I had a blast. Rockford brought out their demo SPL van that you get to sit in the back of. As near as I could tell, it put out about 150db. They have you wear ear protection and the thing will rattle your teeth out. I got to meet the Mayor of Maricopa. I had a great time and won 2 trophies. 1 for best 4x4 and the other for best stereo. Although it was not a huge turn out, the town really rolled out the red carpet.

Copa flyer.jpg

Copa car show.jpg

Rockford demo van.jpeg

Meeting the mayor.jpg

Copa trophies.jpg
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