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Have you met Clumsy Carl? @DonutMedia’s intern has been making fans laugh, cry, and face-palm month after month, watching him learn everything the hard way when it comes to fixing his car. Luckily, has been able to lend Carl and his cousin James a hand to keep Carl’s truck on the road—no matter what he does to it. Check out Clumsy Carl’s escapades on #UpToSpeed.

Whether you’re in need of a new grille…

Wheel Tire Land vehicle Vehicle registration plate Vehicle

… or A/C components to keep you cool, we have everything for Carl’s jobs—and yours, too!

Vehicle Window Hood Motor vehicle Automotive mirror

This month, Clumsy Carl is heading home for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Has he finally learned his lesson and prepared his truck for the journey? Tune in @1:20 to find out…

Wheel Tire Land vehicle Plant Car
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