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Melting Pistons (3 & 5) Questions

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O.K. first I must say sorry to okfordteck for calling him a troll...I guess you could be both a tech and troll but that does not seem to be the case.I want to know;
is this just 05?
what are the symptoms too look for?
Do trucks with melted pistons have bad head gaskets too?(might make sense.)
You said perhaps leaky injectors and other say fords cut off is 5%fuel in the oil, perhaps a new cut off is in order?
I am sure others have better quesions but I would like too prevent this if it is in my controll.. the list...
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melting down a piston in a diesel is neally inpossibel, but breaking a piston is not. most big trucks have steel tops cast into the pistons. some yaers ago a lot of pistons were cast iron. the egt is to moniter turbo temps. they will go critical way before piston temps will. this is why the real diesel engines in big trucks have the egt installed either emidiataly before the turbo or at its exhaust. besides over fueling souped up 6.0s, the biggest cause in hi egts is not pulling with enough rpms. if the egt gets 1200, down shift or slow down. keep it 2500 rpm or more.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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