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Hey everyone,

We wanted to let everyone know that December will be our last month as a sponsor on this site.

Our goal as a new company was to offer a fun contest for everyone and anyone to show off their rides. I think we were able to accomplish that for the most part. The other goal was and is to sell calendars. We are off to a slow start, but realize that people are just now starting to think about buying calendar for 2011 (makes for great gift as well), so are keeping our hopes up. Our website will still be up, but we can no longer afford the fee for sponsorship.

Not sure what happens to our usernames, threads, etc. but if they go as well, feel free to email us at [email protected] or through our website,

We hope to be back next year, but we need to get though this year first. I think anyone who has already ordered and received the calendar would agree, that they turned out great. They really did, it's a quality product. Big thanks to all our supporters, means a lot to us.

ps. We have Christmas special running right now, $11.99 for any calendar. Happy early Holidays to everyone.

-Gene & Adam
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