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Memorial Weekend Tech Day - May 28th - SCIO OREGON


There will be a tech day in Scio Oregon on the 28th of May. If you are interested, several will be camping for the whole weekend out there. The location is right on the river and they have a campground that we can use. It is free to stay, but no hookups.

Also will have some sort of swap meet for everyone to sell their extra parts...

There is a large shop that will be available. It is already booked for a couple projects. One including some OUO traction blocks and also a front end rebuild (ball joints wheel bearings... etc.) There are a few other projects as well... Bring your tools if you want to work on a project. There will be plenty of cover to work under as well.

We should have a few different vendors hanging out showing off their stuff. Last year One Up Offroad showed up, hopefully they can make it. There also will be others. If any vendors are interested in setting up a booth we will make space available.

Should have food as well that can be purchased.

I hope to see some of you guys down there.

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I'll be in socal memorial day weekend, and I'm looking to do some 8th scale buggy racing (electric and nitro). Does anyony know if Rev, TA, ARC or Hemet is holding any special events that weekend?

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