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Mileage Comparison

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Since the 1st of the year I've been keeping a comparison worksheet on the overhead computer To compare to the hand calculations I have kept since I bought The truck new. I ALWAYS fill to the top of the neck & reset the the overhead before I pull away, so the numbers are comparable. An interesting situation has come to light. Even though the individual readings may vary as much as 2 mpg here are the averages.

Overhead 16.772
Hand 16.826

Interesting. I don't have the numbers for the overhead going back to the purchase date, but I will keep going to see how close they stay.
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I am guilty, I do the same thing. When I first got my truck the overhead ran from .8 t0 1.0 MPG high. I then had to have the drivers side head gasket replaced because of an oil leak. The truck ran much better after that and the overhead was almost always dead on. Over the last several months it has gone back to .6 to .8 high. It looks like to me that when on winter blend fuel it is very close and the summer blend it gets off, you would think it would be the other way around.

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