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Mileage Comparison

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Since the 1st of the year I've been keeping a comparison worksheet on the overhead computer To compare to the hand calculations I have kept since I bought The truck new. I ALWAYS fill to the top of the neck & reset the the overhead before I pull away, so the numbers are comparable. An interesting situation has come to light. Even though the individual readings may vary as much as 2 mpg here are the averages.

Overhead 16.772
Hand 16.826

Interesting. I don't have the numbers for the overhead going back to the purchase date, but I will keep going to see how close they stay.
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I've been keeping a spreadsheet on my '05 w/almost 18k on it...

I do the same anal filling ritual and I'm finding that the average difference between computer and hand-calc. is about .6 mpg.

When I do all highway or all towing, it is more like .2-.4 but when I mix a tank with towing and non-towing, the computer gets further from accurate.
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