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If I remember right you go to truck apps and there is a screen to change your DTE to tow mode instead of regular calculation. I really don't understand why there would be a difference. I never switched it and it seemed pretty accurate to me.

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I thought I read that you have to change the miles until empty while towing using an app. However I cannot remember how to do it. Maybe I am just going mad.
mike willmont,
I looked into this a found this section in the 4th printing of the 2011 F-250 Owner’s Manual in reference to your question:

“Fuel Economy
In this mode, fuel economy information is displayed as follows:
• Instant MPG (L/100km) — shows instantaneous fuel usage.
• Miles (kilometers) to empty — shows the approximate distance the vehicle can travel before running out of fuel.
• Average MPG (L/100km) — shows the average fuel usage based on time. See Fuel Hist. following to change the time interval. Press and hold OK to reset this value.
If you calculate your average fuel economy by dividing miles traveled by gallons of fuel used (liters of fuel used by 100 kilometers traveled), your figure may be different than displayed for the following reasons:
• Your vehicle was not perfectly level during fill-up.
• Differences in the automatic shut-off points on the fuel pumps at service stations.
• Variations in top-off procedure from one fill-up to another.
• Rounding of the displayed values to the nearest 0.1 gallon (liter).
To determine your average highway fuel economy, do the following:
1. Drive the vehicle at least 5 miles (8 km) with the speed control system engaged to display a stabilized average.
2. Record the highway fuel economy for future reference.
It is important to press RESET in order to reset the function after setting the speed control to get accurate highway fuel economy readings.
For more information refer to Essentials of good fuel economy in the Maintenance and Specifications chapter.
Fuel Hist.: Press the right arrow key (when in the Fuel Econ. menu) to reach Fuel Hist. Fuel history shows fuel usage (AVG MPG or L/100km) as a bar graph based on time. The duration time can be changed as follows:
Duration– Press the right arrow key (when in the Fuel Hist. menu) to reach the following duration choices.
• 5 Minutes
• 10 Minutes
• 30 Minutes
• Last 5 Resets
Use the up/down arrows keys to highlight one of the choices; press and hold OK to set your choice.
The graph is updated each minute with the fuel economy that was achieved during the prior 5, 10, 30 minutes or last 5 resets of driving.”

I hope that helps. I found that on page 41-42 and if you don’t have a digital copy of the Owner’s Manual, it can be downloaded for free by going to > Vehicle Basics > Owner’s Manual and Videos > and selecting 2011 F-250 from the drop down menus.

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