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mini maxx issues and its saturday

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like title says ive got some issues and no help as it is sat.
installled mini on wed and left dpf on no time to change. droveit for 2 days then it when into some bizzare regen with no power and the noisy fan running full power. got it home shut it down went to restart and was dead called rudys they walked me thru return to stock. everytrhing fine today delete the unmentionables and tune before removal. everything good get new stuff in place turn on truck works.... turn off a few minutes later . dead again there was a dtc U something about non comunication. reprogramed the truck and now all is good but i lost the big gauge display on mini how do i get it to display. where the gauge is just black. i have it set up to be pyro 1 and it only shows on the left on top very small. oh by the way that ****e is bonkers
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