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Missing 5th wheel pigtails

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Hello, hope somebody can help me with a question. My 2011 f-350 dually did not have fifth wheel prep package, so after install i moved on to the wiring plug and after searching cant find the pigtails to plug in the fifth wheel plug. Did some trucks come without the pigtails, my build date is 9-10. thanks.
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Thanks for the link,i might have to go that route.I had purchased the ford 5th wheel wiring that has two plugs to plug into the pigtails mounted on the framing of the reciever hitch.All the trucks on the lot have these pigtails but my truck was built without them.Something about a running change in the build dates.Ford does have the cab back wiring harness with pigtails incorporated now but they want 389.oo plus install.Ill call ford customer service and see how that goes and post back.I was just trying to keep the wiring factory correct.I never checked for the pigtails when buying the truck i just assumed that they would be part of the tow package and integrated brake controller.
missing 5th wheel pigtails

Well after a few phone calls to customer service they authorized my dealership to replace the rear harness with the one with the pigtails. They will call and schedule for install when the harness arrives. I will update when everything is done. I had pm'd Cory and he pm'd back but the issue was already rectified. Thank 's for the replies. FoCoFord.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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