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motor bogging down under load

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2001 7.3 with 154K miles. Motor won't accelerate normally when I push the gas pedal heavily. If I accelerate easy truck picks up speed normally and runs fine, it idles fine starts fine. If I try to take off fast from a dead stop or while going around 45-50 mph put my foot into it, it boggs and seems to start to shake a bit around 50 mph and 1800 rpm.
I has a full tank of gas from a station I regularly go to. I had it plugged in today from noon till I started it around 4:30pm. Temp was 7 degrees F. Truck has never done this before. Could it be the fuel or the fuel filter? Temp and oil pressure read normal.
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The fuel pressure is very capable of doing this. So is the HP oil, which can only be read from a scanner. Try flushing the water seperater and change the fuel filter and oil if it's "been awhile"
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