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My 97 PSD wont start cause the Edge Evolution programmer screwed it up. PLEASE Help

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I need some advice. I was downloading the edge evolution on my 97 F-350. It was being a real pain trying to load. I had to start over like ten times. Then it loaded and was setting the truck for the towing setting and it quit. Now it wont start and the darn programmer wont set my truck back to stock or complete the set up. I am lost PLEASE HELP
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Where are you located?

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Virginia Beach Va. I called Edge and they said No worries they are sending me a new programmer and another green board to return my truck to stock. As mad as I was that it didnt work and my truck wouldnt start I am VERY impressed with the customer support and the way they stand behind their product. I just hope it gets fixed tommorro. Thanks for yer help.
I'm off of Indian River Rd. If you need any help, let me know.


[/ QUOTE ]Ok I have some bad news and some good news. I had to buy a new pcm but it was probably bout to take a dump anyways. The new edge installed without any problems at all. Let me tell ya what to expect. Gee lets see I cant begin to tell you the difference between stock and even the first setting but here goes. I have a 97 f-350 that would barely bawl a tire on wet roads. Now I have a 97 f-350 that begs me to punch it and let the rubber fly on the tow setting and on the race setting dont give me the option..... just does it on itself. I have not even tried the extreme mode yet because i have to take a trip from va beach va to miramar cali here in the next few days so i dont want to push my luck with stock everything. kit recomends upgraded exhaust and egt and boost gauge for extreme setting. nthis system has to be the best for my model if you have replaced the stock pcm. if not i think you will be before the kit installs but they pay for half of it lol. i would like to say that between the customer service and the end result i am tickeled pink/purple/red/blue or whatever your favorite coler is. well worth the 400.00 would definately recomend for modded guys. thanks for the help. James
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1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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