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So I put together everything I would like on my truck and thought I'd post it up. Too much fun to keep to myself. Basically a rebuild of my 2004 truck. I already have the stainless running boards and cab extender since both those companies are out of business. It will be going on a Black 2012 350 dually with the chrome package (which is why I chose clear instead of smoked recons. thought it would compliment the chrome).

Ford Bull Hooks VAC3Z-99000A64-A
Ford Rubber Floor Mats BC3Z-2613300-AA
Ford Rubber Bed Mat
Pace Edwars Electric Roll Top
J&J Running Boards Lighted
Pro Flaps Rear
T Rex Billet Grill 20546
T Rex Bumper Billet 25546 (custom cut around DRLs)
T Rex Side Billet 115470
V Tech Tail Light Covers
Fastback Cab Extender with Sportwing
Recon Clear Cab LEDs 264143C
Recon Clear Fender Lights
Recon Clear Mirror Lights 264140CL
Recon Clear LED DayTime 264151CL
Black Flame Projectors
13 JL Subwoofer
Possible Hi.Mid Speaker Upgrade
Custom 2010 Rear Dually Fenders
Titan 65 gal tank
Bushwacker Front Flares
Bilstein 8160 Shocks
Eagle Alloy 097 Wheels

Possible Rickson 19.5 w/ Michcelin XDs2 tires
Possible Lund Solar Visor
Possible Go Ind Grille Guard w/warn winch

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nice list

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I noticed the 2010 custom fenders...

StreetScenes fenders from previous years them, they say its pretty easy to add them. They were used on a few trucks shown at SEMA this year like the Airhead Kustoms F350.

OEM Ford 2010 fenders go on with adding the hanger strip (you'll see the part in the online fiche).

Hulst Custom - built custom fenders for the Snap On 2011 Ford superduty.

I know as I wanted to switch mine out until I put bigger tires and now the fenders look right.

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I was going to look into the street scenes. The only thing is I believe they only come in 1.5" wider per side, which I hate to add with some of the streets I park on. If I do go factory I plan on buying a used take off bed that way I have all the parts and pieces needed, and probably would end up being the cheapest.

Unfortunately I'm not sure if I'll ever get around to all these mods ($$$!) but this would be my ideal list if possible.
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