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My first Diesel

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I am in the process of buying my first diesel truck. I found a clean 2003 f350 (67000 miles) with the 6.0 powerstroke. I did the carfx report and everything looks fine. I have heard alot of negativity from people abut the 6.0's. Is there still a problem with these engines. What should I look for prior to purchasing a diesel. I know my way around a gas engine pretty good, but no thing about diesels. ANy help would be appreciated.
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Ok I just found out the Oasis Report on that vehicle. No major work has been done. Warranty work was done on the following items;
Mirror switch
driver door lock switch
couple of pcm reprograms (recalls)
#4 injector replaced
OK, now, what's the asking price, and what's the body style, and options package. Have you run the truck w/ options through or

My F250 XLT SC long bed, manual trans, FX4, ESOF w/ heated tow mirrors, running boards, spray in liner, front & rear hitches, & 67k is probably worth about $14k right now.

Oh yeah - does anyone have records on the truck? I've tracked every dime and have reciepts for every fuel purchase, option and maintenance item I've spent on mine. I want to show a prospective buyer I took care of it.

BTW, my truck is NOT FOR SALE!:nono::thumbsup:

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