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My first Diesel

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I am in the process of buying my first diesel truck. I found a clean 2003 f350 (67000 miles) with the 6.0 powerstroke. I did the carfx report and everything looks fine. I have heard alot of negativity from people abut the 6.0's. Is there still a problem with these engines. What should I look for prior to purchasing a diesel. I know my way around a gas engine pretty good, but no thing about diesels. ANy help would be appreciated.
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6700 miles sounds VERY LOW = Hmmmmmm

Check my signature for my truck details. I can tell you yes, lots of reprogramming since new. I wish Ford never touched my first one. I grew up on the farm and was used to clatter, smoke and roughness when starting. Never met a tractor that didn't do it. It has been a good truck. Other than a rear main ( appearing ) leak that 4 different dealers were unable to resolve it has been great.

I modded the truck after ford ( without my permission ) reduced my power, fuel mileage and gave me back a truck with a tow/haul that was compromised and a more noisy engine. I have heard horror stories about head gaskets, oil leaks, injector issues, fuel problems but never experienced any of them. I maintain my truck at 5K mile intervals for oil/filter and 15K on the fuel filters. 50K on the trannie. I pull monthly when loaded a 14.5K bumper pull trailer and an 18K 32' GN stock trailer. Get around 10 to 14 mpg when pulling these loads depending on roads, weather, speeds. Get 16.5 to 18.5 empty.

Good Brakes, Good Power, Good Reliability. My wife even likes to drive it. My Dad has an 04 with about 60K on his and has had good luck with his. My uncle has an 05 and I like the changes with it, especially the front suspension and ride.
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are you still sticking with the 6700 miles? and two owners? or 67000 miles and two owners? my extrasensory perceptors are at Defcon 5 so far on this one, my odor detector is also blaring with lights and sirens, displays FISH alert.
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