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My first Diesel

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I am in the process of buying my first diesel truck. I found a clean 2003 f350 (67000 miles) with the 6.0 powerstroke. I did the carfx report and everything looks fine. I have heard alot of negativity from people abut the 6.0's. Is there still a problem with these engines. What should I look for prior to purchasing a diesel. I know my way around a gas engine pretty good, but no thing about diesels. ANy help would be appreciated.
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The last truck my Dad had was a 2004 6.0 and he wished he'd have kept his 7.3! His 1996 and 2000 7.3 gave him no trouble. The 04 would lose power and had to be reflashed several times. I'm not sure that Ford knew what was wrong with that model at the time he had it.
Be patient, with the economy like it is, deals are out there. Is the truck you're looking at on a dealers lot, or is it a private seller? You can offer them less either way. When I was shopping for trucks a few months ago (when the 09's were coming out)I ran across a dealer ad in Georgia for 2 new 2007 Dodge quadcab duallys...NEW...$24,500.00. With the Cummins, A/C, and automatic. MSRP was $44K.
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