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My first Diesel

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I am in the process of buying my first diesel truck. I found a clean 2003 f350 (67000 miles) with the 6.0 powerstroke. I did the carfx report and everything looks fine. I have heard alot of negativity from people abut the 6.0's. Is there still a problem with these engines. What should I look for prior to purchasing a diesel. I know my way around a gas engine pretty good, but no thing about diesels. ANy help would be appreciated.
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I have heard alot about the reflashing of some vehicle. From what I read here and there the 6.0 replaced the 7.3 in 2003, ALso some vehicles were having software problems from the 6.0's, But I think that they solved the problems, but not sure though. I know now they are going to the 6.4's but that was because of the higher demands for emissions.

Also where would I find an oasis report for the vehicle I am looking to buy? the VIN is 1FTSW31PX3EC89321
Is there anyway to check and see what the latest flash is on the vehicle? From what I can tell from the vehicle is is completly stock and only had two previous owners. Light mileage, no accidents, and in pretty good shape. I will be towing a gooseneck four horse trailer, but not too often and not real far.
My bad it has 67,000 miles
Ok I just found out the Oasis Report on that vehicle. No major work has been done. Warranty work was done on the following items;
Mirror switch
driver door lock switch
couple of pcm reprograms (recalls)
#4 injector replaced
Its a 2003 Ford F350 SRW 4x4 crew cab, long bed. leather, sunroof, cd player, pwr windows, locks, seats, etc.. asking $14900. all original, I found it had two previous owners, no signs of abuse. I know diesels are not really broken in till they get around 100,000 miles. I jusy keep hearing bad things about the 6.0's. Also if anyone knows what I should look for on a diesel, prior to buying would be appreciated
Its actually 67000 miles on the vehicle. The original owner purchased the vehicle 07-11-03, 26 miles on it. He sold it on 09-26-06 with 10,157 miles. 2nd owner traded it in on 10-30-08 with 66022 miles on it. The truck has been registered in the same town it entire life.
Ok, just got off the phone with a Ford dealership and asked about the most recent pcm reprograms for this vehicle, (trying to see if it has the most recent program was like pulling teeth)

Anyway what I could find out was that it had a reprogram done May-06. Is this the most recent or should I not worry about it?
I looked around for sometime, But so far this is the best price I found (14,900). The blue book for good condition is $20,000 and the trade in value is just under $16,000. I alsochecked prices through ebay and some where close to the price, but had more miles or a greater distance for me to look at it?
I have been looking for a little bit, I have come across some good deals, but they all had some issues. A friend of mine owns a used car lot said that if I were looking about 3 months ago when diesel was $6 a gallon they were giving them away at the auctions. Now he tells me that they are starting to increase in price due to the fuel prices dropping. I did fund a 06 Dodge Dually with 120,000 miles, one owner, in real nice shape. but he would not come off the price though. This F350 is from a private dealer, I am going to take a few more looks at this one. If I find any problems I will pass on it. He informed me that it was recently serviced and has no issues, But I never trust car dealers.. Just had some bad dealins with tem in the past.
Well After a few days of reading and searching about the 6.0 powerstroke, I found a website that may help most people in regards to engine problems.

The site is POWERSTROKEHELP.COM - The Information Source for Ford Power Stroke Diesel Owners
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