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My trans rebuild

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I'm scarce on funds so I'm going with a rebuild with a local shop ... the shop asked if I wanted to replace the solenoid while doing the rebuild ? Do I ? I don't know? They quoted 300.00 more over the 2500.00 for a non solenoid rebuild.
I'm getting a TC included with the rebuild ..doubt its a HD. Should I ask for a HD TC? Or am I going to be viewed as a PIA :icon_rolleyes:
Would it be hard to replace the solenoid later if its deemed to be bad?
BTW this 4R100 is a non diode model and I got 290K miles out of it, always had a temp gauge on it, and never exceeded 200F. Thanks in advance for any advice.
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Which solenoid? There are four solenoids in the 4R100.
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