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My trans rebuild

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I'm scarce on funds so I'm going with a rebuild with a local shop ... the shop asked if I wanted to replace the solenoid while doing the rebuild ? Do I ? I don't know? They quoted 300.00 more over the 2500.00 for a non solenoid rebuild.
I'm getting a TC included with the rebuild ..doubt its a HD. Should I ask for a HD TC? Or am I going to be viewed as a PIA :icon_rolleyes:
Would it be hard to replace the solenoid later if its deemed to be bad?
BTW this 4R100 is a non diode model and I got 290K miles out of it, always had a temp gauge on it, and never exceeded 200F. Thanks in advance for any advice.
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The "tech" didn't give me an option, he just said solenoid, singular.
I get it that these guys need to make a living just like me, but I don't want to be taken advantage of ... For instance, I don't want to be charged a premium price for a regular TC. Now for this solenoid thing ...can they be replaced without tearing down the whole trans. ? Or is it something that should be done while the trans is out? Thanks again, I really appreciate the posts and this forum.
I found out that it is a solenoid "pack" ....the counter guy didn't know if it could be replaced without taking the tranny out. He would ask his tech and get back to me ... I'm getting scared ... I hate not knowing more about transmissions and what parts are failure prone and what they look like when failed. I have to trust a complete stranger to do a complex operation on my best employee ..I did get 290K out of my trans. and I like to think it was because of best maintenance practices. One website says the weakest link in the 4R100 is the Intermediate Shaft and an upgraded PATC unit costs $700.00 ....what does an OEM unit cost? And a Forward Clutch Drum is $743.00. So what it comes down to is how much of the $2500.00 is labor and whats left for parts ? and what parts are going to be changed and what price am I paying for said parts. Not even taking into account how many of these trans. jobs the tech has done in the past.
AH , well, I've already jumped into this pool, I'm going to get wet. Just trying to keep from drowning. :ford:
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I would ...looking at it now ...but its too late... trannys out ..I'm gonna have to live with this ..I've had a long (over 5 yr) relationship with the mech. he's been fantastic and honest ..but he moved to this new shop and I sense somethings changed...I know he's not the one doing the labor on the build.
I don't know ..maybe paranoid in my older age. I've made it pretty clear I read this forum and have asked the tough questions ...I 'm just not comfortable with the answers. We'll see...
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