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hello, need a little info please

I HAD a 2003 F250 6L diesel truck 2X4

it burnt to the ground and not much left on it , transmission and rend

I don't know if the motor is useable or not it was a bad fire and the truck has been sitting for a year.

now that the insurance company in done with it and ford, they asked me if I wanted to buy it back

At first , when this happened over a year ago , I had ask them and they said ya if I could match the bid from the salvage yards, they said they would pay 5k site un-seen.I said sell it because that was way to high for me. now there asking me if I want it, so I don't know if the junk yards said no or what, but I now have a 2003 6L and its 4x4 ( I got another one right away )

anyway can I use the trans mission as a back up ? I mean there both torque shift , but ones a 4x4 and ones a 2x4 ?

the bed of the truck was also in good shape , but the front of the truck burnt bad and inside cab.


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