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need advice on upgrade

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Here's the deal. My truck has about 310k on it now and it's starting to feel a little lazier than it's newer days. I tow a skid steer loader pretty much on a daily basis and I need a little more power. I've been going out of town quite a bit lately and the hills are killing me. It wouldn't be so bad, but the truck is always shifting into the next gear as i'm going up the hill. I can't afford a new truck at the moment, and I really don't want to look for a new engine or tranny yet.

I was thinking about getting a mild chip, because I heard that they modify the shift points and give a bit more power. The truck still starts easy and doesn't smoke or anything so I'm assuming it has some more life in it. If the chip helps me out then I would definately do a downpipe and intake soon after. If it doesn't do anything then I'd be reluctant to do anymore upgrades.

I would like to get the chip asap. Wildman and Dp both look tied up at the moment, should I wait for one of them or look at something else? Also what are some recommendations for someone in my position?
What kind of tests can I do to see if pissing in the wind?
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A few hundred thousand Kms ago I thought about what you are thinking....chip and if that works then other stuff. In retrospect the guys here steered me clear and I am glad they did....

If you are towing on a daily basis, it would be prudent to open your exhaust first, at the very least a down pipe, then an open intake. Exhaust Gas Temp gauge installed (probe) in your exhaust manifold for accurate temps IMO is the most important way to monitor how hot things are getting. Then get your chip.....

You will be surprised at how fast and hot things can get towing with a chip (even stock for that matter) and without a EGT Gauge to monitor 1250 F degree limits there is cause for concern. I would not run a stock OBS with a chip without first a downpipe and EGT gauge.

In terms of "feeling" a difference the DP, EGT gauge and custom chip programed for your application will make a significant change.

Would hate to see you potentially damage your engine...

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