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need advice on what to do

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my truck is a 2011 f350 ccsb 6.7

my list of problems
10/07/2010 Power train vibration it was in for 1 days 5115 miles Buhler Ford in 10/07/11 out 10/08/11
10/10/2010 Power train vibration it was in for 1 day 5331 miles Toms Ford in 10/10/11 out 10/11/11
11/01/2010 Power train vibration and low fuel pressure clicking sound when shifting from drive to reverse it was in for 4 days 7164 miles Toms Ford in 11/01/11 out 11/05/11
11/23/2010 Power train vibration and clicking sound when shifting from drive to reverse it was in for 10 days miles 7155 Buhler Ford in 11/23/10 out 12/03/10
01/13/2011 Power train vibration, battery light, factory remote start not working
and smell of exhaust in cab 1 day miles 9555 Buhler Ford in 01/13/11 out 01/14/11
02/02/11 Power train vibration, batter light, transmission stuck in overdrive and transmission failure Buhler Ford it was for 16 days miles 14173 in 02/02/11 out 02/18/11
I took the truck back last week 4/19 for the battery light and vibration after applying for help under the nj lemon law the dealer had the truck till 4/26 then calles me and say they shimed the rear but like the last 3 times they cannot make the battery light come on, so they say the truck is fix come pick it up. I pick up my truck drive 50' and the battery light comes on i go get the service manger he sees the light on for a minute and a half says take the truck and call for its out of his hands. So i do this and the ford rep tells me i need to take the truck 2 a franchise dealer i tell him thats what i just left and where my truck had been 55 days now. side note this is the dealer ford pick for me to bring my truck to 25 miles from my house, the rep says bring it back so i do. 3 days later i get a call from the dealer saying the ford engineer looked at the truck and says he will NOT WORK ON IT TILL I REMOVE ALL OF MY AFTERMARKET WIRING ie snowplow harness, salter harness, strobes, hids. so i try 2 stay calm and tell them that i have pics of the battery light on before i bought any of the aftermarket stuff and have the invoices from when i got my plow salter and strobes dated 2 weeks after my first battery light problem. and all of it is wired to my upfitters switchs. They still wiil not work on the truck i told them if it bothers them that much pull the fuses or relays for the upfitters switchs they wont.

i really feel ford is droping the ball big time with the non service they are giving me and i just don't know what to do. with all this said i still love my truck more then the 2011 dodge i test drove 4/26 and up till then just wanted it fixed now im starting to think its time for ford to step up and replace this one.

sorry for the long post just need to vent a little. anyways here is my Vin # 1FT8W3BT1BEA54097 so you guys don't call me a troll
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Send a PM to Cory @ Diesel Forum - - View Profile: FordCustomerService on this forum. He will get you some help if there is any to be had.

sent thanks
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