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Need Advice with MODs

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I am getting ready to spend a few $$$ on improving my 2002 F-350 7.3 PSD. preformance. I have 43K miles on this truck I just install a set of gauges about 3 weeks ago. Now I want to change out the Air Intake and my exhaust. I am looking at the AFE Stage II and looking at going with MSRP 4" exhaust all the way back. I also want to put in an exhaust brake system, any recommendation. I haul a 31' 5th Wheel trailer. I will be heading to the mountains on an extended trip.
I don't want to have white knucles going down mountain side or over heat my brakes.

How much of an increase in preformance will I gain with changing out the above?

Any recommendation would be appreciated.

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Take a look at the Banks brake with Monster exhaust. This is the one I use and it works very well. The brake closes when its cold to act as a warm up valve and incorporates the Power Elbow into the system. One feature that is especially useful for me is that the brake can be used in any gear as long as you are above 1,200rpm and the SmartLock keeps the TC locked while increasing line pressure in the trans.
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