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Need Advice with MODs

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I am getting ready to spend a few $$$ on improving my 2002 F-350 7.3 PSD. preformance. I have 43K miles on this truck I just install a set of gauges about 3 weeks ago. Now I want to change out the Air Intake and my exhaust. I am looking at the AFE Stage II and looking at going with MSRP 4" exhaust all the way back. I also want to put in an exhaust brake system, any recommendation. I haul a 31' 5th Wheel trailer. I will be heading to the mountains on an extended trip.
I don't want to have white knucles going down mountain side or over heat my brakes.

How much of an increase in preformance will I gain with changing out the above?

Any recommendation would be appreciated.

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I personally do not haul heavy. Just a 2000lb boat. My honest suggestion is you have the gauges, go exhaust next....the MBRP is what I have and it is a good upgrade. Next go intake, AIS (ford) is quiet clean air with no noticable incease in noise. If you want more noise (turbo whistle) you need something less insulated and can save with a tymar system which is good bang for the buck.
The reason you are doing the air intake and exhaust is....Get have to chip it! There is no apreciable difference in air and exhaust alone. They only allow better flow and reduced EGT'S.....when you plug in the chip to the equation THATS when you are going to jump up and down and swear its the best thing since sliced toast! I run "dp tuners chip" i personaly love it and feel I got splendid bang. I have NOTHING to compare it to other than I got crappy Mileage (15-16) stone cold stock......stayed the same with exhaust and intake mod (I felt it got just a little better when I drilled my front grill in front of the AIS snorkel(called the Zoodad here)When I plugged in the chip (stk&40&80&120) I felt like my truck shed two thousand pounds and got 4 more cyclinders! It is by far THE most dramatic change. Every thing else is a lead in to keeping the EGT'S where they cool as possible. Do it wrong (out of order) and you can really do some damage chipping with out relieving restrictions that will raise your EGT'S. Do as you will. I saw no harm in what I did. The chip makes a noticable change in sound when you click into different settings. You will enjoy your truck one hell of alot more. I now see almost 18MPG and thats an increase on winter fuel from 14.5-15MPG. I travel faster and with more pick up. My own brother wants me to upgrade his truck now. By all means...go for it. It is not cheap to do but I would do it over and again~!
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