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need advice

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First off the truck in and out of local ford dealers since new. 06 F250HD with 26000. Now for the past year,first diesel cooler, then head gaskets, then the studs, then the heads were replaced, then fuel injs. The heads only took 3 mounths between ford rep. to ok it then to fix it. Get the back Nov 23 now engine light on, the codes now are po299,po470,po472. Seem to be a blower/exhaust problem. What to do customer service still wont get back to me do i need to go a dif route. All the while having a 08 F550 with 8000 miles thats been in and out of the shop with rad. recall and now head problems, also with a fuel/ blower problem because the truck will only get 4-5 mpg.
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wow that sucks,i have a 7.3 and im glad,i read all forums from new to old and i am truly appreciative of the 7.3 trade it in find a 7.3 and call it a day.
not to say that all 6.0s are problematic it just seems like they have very expensive and time consuming issues.they can be great motors with a little work.
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