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need advice

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First off the truck in and out of local ford dealers since new. 06 F250HD with 26000. Now for the past year,first diesel cooler, then head gaskets, then the studs, then the heads were replaced, then fuel injs. The heads only took 3 mounths between ford rep. to ok it then to fix it. Get the back Nov 23 now engine light on, the codes now are po299,po470,po472. Seem to be a blower/exhaust problem. What to do customer service still wont get back to me do i need to go a dif route. All the while having a 08 F550 with 8000 miles thats been in and out of the shop with rad. recall and now head problems, also with a fuel/ blower problem because the truck will only get 4-5 mpg.
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Well back at the dealer. This is getting old.
some one doesn't want me to have my truck. Pick the truck up drive it 4-5 miles and the truck starts bucking. Goes back friday. What to do now.
Its gone two dif dealers. I've been asking to talk to a ford field rep. Now working with a c.s. rep. They think im going away. At the same time my 08 f-550 is still giving me crap. Good thing my 07 f-550 runs great
Trust me I know how you feel my truck has been in the shop 18 times last year and is currently there now. For the past 3 months it has been in the shop more than in my driveway. My suggestion is to call 1- 866-631-3788, this the # for Ford the ford rep that I am using for my problems. I'm not sure if they can help you or maybe they can get you in touch with the region you are in. I have ford engineers working on my POS. Good luck with yours
Well the ford rep said there is nothing at this time ford can do for you. So owned the truck app. 26 months been in the shop 14 months of it. I asked the rep do you think this is acceptable, she would not answer the ?. She would only say its unfortunate. Well it might be time for a brand change. 2 07 f-550XLT,08 f-550XLT,06 f-250HD,03 cobra. Just gotta try some thing new.
i just walked out and something came to me, have they tried the balloon test? maybe its a missing or damaged copper gasket between the cup and the injector?
Dont know if they tried the balloon, but the put new inj, then replaced the cups
Sorry to hear she was being like that, I think I would try to get ahold of another rep., but i'm with you about it being time to change we pay WAY TOO MUCH money for these vehicles now adays for them to give you such s**t of an answer. I got the call today that my POS is ready again. The engineer replaced the entire engine loom. I'm sure I will be back to drop it off again in a week or so.

As i type this its back at the shop, now blowing the blackest smoke, wish i had my stacks still on.
Lemon law lawyer? Guess it depends what state you live in. Any state agencies that you could contact?
Didn't want to go that path, but i have no other choice.
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