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need brake advise, please!!!

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As I said in a previous post I am tired of these lousy Ford rotors, so I have decided on Powerslots. I only tow a 8500lb travel trailer 3-5K per year, other than that it is a babied daily driver. Powerslot says I don't need the cyro rotors with extreme pads. They said only the guys towing heavy loads all the time will benefit from the cyros. Others have said the cyro's and Superduty pads from Hawks will last about 30% longer than non cyro. So here is my question for 80-90 bucks I can do the cyro and superduty pads over the non cyro. What do y'all think? My thought is to always buy the best you can afford, but I am throwing away money? Are the non cyro rotors really that good, or are the cyro rotors really that much better? Really appreciate y'alls advice. Want to order them tomorrow.
BTW. DPPI a sponsor on this forum has the best price on the cyro rotors with superduty pads, while another source has the best price on non cyro and Hawks HPS pads. I have researched this for four days, so if any of you want to know what I have found send me a PM.
Thanks Again
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If you can afford it then go for it. How much longer are you planning on keeping the truck?
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