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I was doing a flush today and spilled some water on the GPR. I went to start the truck and noticed a curl of smoke so shut it down and realised I had got it wet. I blew off the little water that was there and started it up again. The post on the driver side still gets hot. I THINK the water shorted between the pass side large post and the forward small post (white) Its not really cold enough to tell if the plugs are working or not. I never though it could short like this so maybe a coincidence?

Did I pob. just blow the relay or does all the glow plugs usually take a dive from doing this?

waiting with a bullet in the chamber for being an idiot...:icon_mad:

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Check the tightness on the terminal nuts.

A loose connection is a high resistance connection, and high resistance creates heat.

I've seen that happen before (not on my truck, but another one that didn't get the proper attention). Tightening the terminals made it quit smoking. It was oil residue in that case.

I don't think the water caused any problems.

It's also possible that your GPR has pitted contacts inside, even before the water incident, which would cause the post to get hot. If you're worried about it, just replace the GPR. $20-30 from International.
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