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Hey yall. First of all, I'm new to the forum, and I'm new to diesel trucks as well. I'm hoping I can learn a lot of information from here, and maybe (but highly unlikely) contribute some. :lol:

My questions will be about this post on Craigslist.
1990 frod f250 4x4 diesel

1. I called the guy and he guesstimated that the truck gets about 16mpg city and 18-20mpg highway. Does that sound about right?

2. What benefits does the truck get from that Banks Sidewinder turbo?

3. The truck has around 250,000. Does she still have a lot of life left in her? I know there aint really a way to tell by not seeing it, but on general, how will a 7.3 idi with a turbo last?

Those are my main concerns. If I'm missing any, let me know. I'm 16 and currently I have a '79 Chevy K-10 getting about 8-9mpg and I cant afford it. Would the f250 be a good step in the right direction of saving fuel prices?

Is the f250 a give 'er? Or a ditch 'er?
Thanks in advance!:thumbsup:
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