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need help with setting up scanguage2 and boost

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I was wondering if someone could help me dial in my codes for my scanguageII to show the boost. I have a stock f350 psd 6.0 I live in detroit michigan. I tried putting the boost code in. I am sure i have the altatuide formulla wrong or something. It shows betwenn 2-12 psi I also have the ect and trans programmed into it. them seem to be working good. Also is the factory coolant temp good or do i need a new code for that? and is their anything else i chould progam into it to keep an eye out for? Thanks for any help anyone can provide.
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I found a thread on the powerstroke nation forum
Note that this forum apparently changes that domain name to all asterisks when attempting to post a link here. Best thing you can do it post the literal with extra spacing and let the user cut-and-paste-and-fix.
Your link now reads: http://*****************.com/forums/showthread.php?t=93317&highlight=scangauge2&page=2

Perhaps this below might work, where the forum software doesn't see it as an "objectionable" URL:
power stroke nation -dot- com/forums/index.php/showthread.php?t=93317&highlight=scangauge2&page=2

BTW: "preview post" will show you in advace what your post will be.

I understand protecting this forum, but I don't understand why they chose to do the above blocking. It's too bad as there a couple threads there that I've learned a lot from.

- Don
the boost cant be reading right. its showing i only have 2 to 12 psi depending on how i get into the throttle.
The XGAUGE setup for the ScangauageII Boost reading should be calibrated based on your baseline psi for your altitude. Look for explanation and instructions at the link "see table" under your engine type: Ford Specific XGauges : Linear Logic : Home of the ScanGauge


- Don
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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