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Need new tires.

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I need new tires 235/85R/16. I am going to try and find some takeoffs at a dealer or rim shop. Does anyone know which other rims with tires will fit? (ie what other model/year trucks/vans) I am also looking at the Michelin XPS rib but they ar very expensive and I am not sure that I am going to keep the truck long enough to justify the over 200.00 price. Also anybody bought takeoffs before and what do they usually cost?
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You're going to be hard pressed to find that size in takeoffs, it is not used in any new OEM truck application that I know of. The common size now is 265/75R16. The 265's are really too wide for your stock 6" rims.

The only takeoff rims that will fit your truck correctly are E250 / E350 wheels. F-series are metric and hub piloted.
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