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Need some help with EBV sensor

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I found diesel soot around the fuel filter and GPR, which puzzled me until I found a hole in the little tube running from the exhaust manifold to the EBV Sensor.

Since I don't have an EBV anymore, I'm tryin to decide what to do with the sensor. I know it controls the EBV in cold weather, but does it do anything else regarding performance?

Dennis at ITP suggested routing boost pressure to the EBV sensor so it has something to see, keeping the PCM happy. But it uses -05JIC fittings and I'm having a little trouble finding them locally.

Anyone have any experience with this? Will I piss off the PCM if I simply unplug the sensor and chuck it? By "piss off" I mean affect performance or set the SES light: I don't care if it sets a "look at the bad sensor" code.

So what do you guys think? Thanks in advance /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/biggrin.gif
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The backpressure sensor and valve are two entirely different circuits...if you delete the EBV, and leave the harness with no path, then you are going to throw codes.

Scanning thru this, I see at least one person who has had trouble with a product of ours...but we never have seen it back for replacement....if it's bad we'll fix it. The product is designed to solve the EBP code not the EBV codes.
Just mail it back with a note to R&R we'll take care of it. I dont' recall an email from you but that works too.
if the sensor goes bad, then you will still have the same issues. that is why we went the dongle route. The sensors fail as do the tubes, etc...

I lost count of how many of these we have shipped and installed and at least one other company straight up copied our design...
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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