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Need some help

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Guys, last night at about 2:30am I get in my truck to leave work and go home. As I go to leave the lot and head out on the highway, I notice my truck is dead on power almost like being in a 4 cylinder. I had the EDGE Juice with Attitude set on stock for the cold days, "just as a precaution", I look down at the EGT temps and they are extremely low reading 146 degrees. The EGT temp. would spike up to around 500 deg. and then drop back down to the 146-150 mark. I have no check engine light on, no rough idle, no hard starts. What can this be?? I made an appointment with the dealership for tomorrow morning, so please post any info if you can. Oh, at 2:30am when this happened it was 17 degrees outside. Today is in the 20s.
Thanks in advance,:thumbsup:
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Only think I can think of is that boost is limited to 20psi when the engine is not up to operating temp. If the blockheater is not plugged in and I take off when it is 10 degrees outside the pickup feels weak until up to temp. Normal Operation would be my guess, but having the dealer check for codes can't hurt if you are worried.
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