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I have wanted a diesel for so long. Well found one that Ran great. Oil/filter looked great and has had all the 6.0 fixes. EGR delete, studs,cooler Purchased it. with a return clause if it didn't check out with the Ford Mech. He took one look at it by pulling the Oil fill and said "Engine is gone bud. Bring it back" It did kind of look like a choo choo train . white smoke would shoot about two feet. when he put the cap on it would come out the breather. So back to the dealer it went. If it is truely going bad then so be it? Light white smoke out of the exhaust as well. Coolant is clean and so is the oil. What do you all think. Is this right? Any other Cheeper diagnosis maybe. Pretty good deal if it was 100% 100k miles FX4 crew cab $13k
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